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9 Foods to forming muscles for the vegetarian

 9 Foods to forming muscles for the vegetarian

Meat and eggs are usually become the main food for someone who wants to form his muscles. So how with the perpetrators of vegetarian who also want his muscles formed?

Here is a muscle-forming food for vegetarians. See his review below:

1. Wheat bread

Bread made from wheat is one of the example of food to forming muscle for vegetarians. Because of the complex carbohydrates in it source of energy and good fiber. Enjoy wheat bread with peanut butter to add the nutrients needed by the body.

2. Potato

In addition to wheat bread, potatoes are good carbohydrates and included as a muscle-building foods for vegetarians. But the potatoes should be enjoyed in the form of steamed or boiled so it contains no calories are too high. As a bonus, potatoes contain potassium which prevents muscle cramps.

3. Brown rice

Next, there is brown rice is a source of carbohydrates, energy providers, and high nutrition. Compared with white rice, brown rice is more nutritious because it is rich in iron, calcium, and fiber which plays a role in forming muscles for the vegetarians.

4. Bananas

If choosing a snack, you should eat a banana before or after exercise. Because bananas are the best snack to build muscle for vegetarians. In bananas contain potassium that are potent to overcome muscle pain due to too heavy doing physical activity.

5. Tofu

In addition to carbohydrates, proteins also includes the necessary nutrients to build muscle. Because it can not get it from meat, vegetarians can also consume tofu. The same as potatoes, tofu should also be consumed in the form of steamed or boiled so that calories are not too high.

6. Milk

Some vegetarians may still want to drink cow's milk to fulfill calcium intake. But if not want to milk cows, there are many other milk options, which can be enjoyed for building muscle. For instance soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk.

7. Cheese

The fermented milk is rich in vitamins and minerals. The cheese itself contains calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B and manganese. The combination of all the nutrients making cheese as one of the food to forming muscle for the vegetarians.

8. Yogurt

The next milk products that can build muscle for the vegetarian is yogurt. It is rich in protein, potassium, vitamin B, and calcium. Yogurt is even lower sodium than cheese. But try to enjoy yogurt with fresh flavors in order that sweetener in it does not make the widening waistlines.

9. Cereals

Lastly, there are cereals as food to building muscle for vegetarians. Almost all cereals are rich in protein and suitable be used as healthy snack. Try to enjoy the cereals after exercising to overcome muscle pain.

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